Shaolin Online Training by Shaolin Wahnam

Would you like to train Qi Gong or Kung Fu the way it was meant to be?

The Shaolin Treasure House is the place where you, too, can become a Shaolin legend.

Enjoy Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong
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Shaolin Online Training by Shaolin Wahnam

Would you like to train Qi Gong or Kung Fu the way it was meant to be?

The Shaolin Treasure House is the place where you, too, can become a Shaolin legend.

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Are the Legends of the Kung Fu and Qi Gong Masters true?

Have you ever asked yourself...

“What if the legends of the old masters performing incredible feats and defeating multiple armed opponents whilst coming out of combat unhurt were true?”

“What if there really was an invisible force within you that you can cultivate to extend your lifespan and to live your life full of health and vitality?”

“What if there was an enjoyable and easy to learn kind of meditation with which you could develop calmness, peacefulness and clarity?”

“What if you could train a genuine martial art without enduring pain, getting a bloody nose and following a strenuous fitness regimen?”

Wouldn’t it be worth the effort to at least give it a try to find out if it was true?


There’s actually a Chinese saying that "Learning genuine Shaolin arts is better than changing stones to gold by touch".

I know this statement to be true.

I’ve seen and felt things that I wouldn’t have thought possible before I experienced them first-hand. I always was and still am a fan of modern science, but I found that there is much more than measuring instruments can detect and scientists can explain.

While some of the legends are probably a bit romantic, I have no doubt that the old masters reached a marvelous level of attainment. The philosophy of Chinese Qi Gong und Kung Fu are definitely valid and you can still use them to improve your life today.

Although some people like to be shouted at and many seem to value feeling pain all over their body as a necessary mean to improve in a martial art, I’m glad that there is a safer, more enjoyable and even more effective way to learn and train Kung Fu.

So, if you're a seeker of the real Shaolin treasures, this is the place to be.

Sifu Leo & Grandmaster Wong

I’m Sifu Leo from Austria (left) and a proud student of the renowned and generous Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit from Malaysia (right) who founded the international Shaolin Wahnam Institute.

We are offering these once secret Shaolin teachings because, when all people find health, joy and happiness, this world will become a better place.

And now you can even learn them online in the comfort of your home!

Find your Balance!

Find your Balance!

Many modern people like you struggle with the challenges of a fast-paced world that is taking a heavy toll on your health and energy levels.

Experts urge the importance of finding a good work-life balance to cope with stress and stay healthy.

Your loved ones are telling you to work out, to eat healthily and to meditate, whilst working full-time and being there for your family. Your boss or consultant tells you to get mental coaching to improve your efficiency. You’d also like to enjoy some time doing fun things.

So what you actually need is to find a work-life-family-training balance to fulfil modern day’s requirements.

But do you really have the time and energy to

  • drive to the gym to train your body
  • attend meditation class to calm down
  • do mental training to improve your efficiency
  • buy fresh groceries and sleep enough to replenish your energy

without neglecting your loved ones and giving up on your hobbies?


What if you could train your body, energy, mind and soul all in a single blow?

What if you’d even find joy and passion in this kind of cultivation?


Shaolin Kung Fu is a joyful challenge and Shaolin Qi Gong is pure pleasure.


Shaolin Qi Gong

By practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong,

  • you learn how to truly relax yourself
  • you clear blockages that cause pain and illness
  • you release stress and tension
  • you replenish yourself after a hard day
  • you let go of negative emotions
  • you gain control over your thoughts
  • you get in touch with your energy flow

With Shaolin Qi Gong you can find a simple yet very effective introduction to meditation that makes it much easier to calm your mind than sitting cross-legged, alone with your thoughts.

Instead of just talking about Qi, our skill-based training will make you experience your energy flow firsthand.

Oh! And did I mention you that it will only take you 10-15 minutes a day to get results?

Shaolin Kung Fu Application

By training traditional Shaolin Kung Fu,

  • you train your whole body in a unique manner
  • you can stay calm even in trying situations
  • you develop a laser-focused mind
  • you develop energy more efficiently than sleeping
  • you apply traditional combat techniques effectively
  • you embark on a never-ending and exciting journey

So, if you practice genuine Shaolin arts you can not only become stronger and faster, but also happier and healthier. You can find peace within yourself, develop a clear mind and heighten your self-confidence all at once and with Kung Fu you also learn how to defend yourself.

Which other types of training can truly claim that too?


Doing sports can be fun but it usually uses up your energy, which is detrimental to health in the long run.

Most martial sports follow the "No Pain, No Gain" regimen and aggressiveness is even regarded a useful quality.

Many people start with sitting meditation but whit it being the highest discipline, that’s actually not a good method for beginners.

Practicing the Shaolin arts is truly the most complete and nourishing training I know and I’m happy to initiate you into its wonderful practice.

The rare Essence of Qi Gong


In terms of mobility, Qi Gong is the least demanding of the Shaolin arts. Everyone can learn to perform the gentle exercises well.

But there’s more to practicing the “Art of Energy” than just repeating the movements.

So many people miss the essence of this profound art, as they never learn how to employ the important aspects of energy and mind.

That’s why I created “The Essence of Qi Gong”, my 4-week online program containing nothing more and nothing less than what really counts to make you benefit from this precious art.

I’ve packed all my knowledge and experience from

  • learning from the “Qi Gong Master of the Year” and bestselling author, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
  • teaching hundreds of students following the proven methodology of our worldwide school

into this course.

This is surely the most convenient way to develop important Qi Gong skills that make all the difference.

All you need to do is to watch the videos and practice what you learned for 10-15 minutes a day.

During the final Transmission Phase I will transmit the deeper skills to you, so you can practice Qi Gong in a very effective manner on your own.

Once you get in touch with your energy flow, you have the means to improve your health, vitality and efficiency.

Don’t miss out on this profound experience!


Join the course now and get your energy flowing like never before.

Please show me the Essence!


Die Essenz von Qi Gong

The 18 Lohan Hands

This ancient set of exercises, an incredible toolbox for health, vitality and longevity, is now available in our new 15-week online course to those who've completed "The Essence of Qi Gong" or have learned from me or other instructors of Shaolin Wahnam first.

The 18 Lohan Hands

The Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu - Online Training


While most people would suggest training harder to advance, I suggest you learn and train smarter.

If you train your body, energy, mind and soul all at once, you'll achieve much more in a shorter time than by training many things separately. And by using the exercises and methods developed by the greatest masters in Shaolin history, you can do exactly that whilst even enjoying your practice!


The “Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu" is the place where you'll learn to

  • execute and apply traditional Kung Fu techniques safely and correctly
  • strengthen your Qi, or vital energy, in an unprecedented manner
  • develop a clear and strong mind
  • nourish your soul to become calm and peaceful


First, you'll take some time at the "The Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu", where you learn the necessary basics and fundamentals.

You will not find any quick-fix courses here. Deep transformation takes time.

At the Shaolin Wahnam Institute, the world-wide school this platform belongs to, we're used to progressing exponentially. Nevertheless, the material has to be spread out and learned step by step. You should learn the right things at the right time.

Only then do you have the possibility to consolidate what you learned and to develop the necessary skills to progress further.

Take me to the Entrance!

If you'd like to get a glimpse of our unique and systematic training first, check out:

In this mini-course you'll receive three weekly blocks of exercises to get you started.

Advance from

  • Basic stances and Footwork to
  • Traditional patterns and
  • A first classical combat application

within three weeks using a time-tested approach.

There are so many Shaolin schools. How could genuine Shaolin training be rare?


Well, most of the Shaolin schools today, including those who are accredited by the Shaolin temple, teach a modernized version of Kung Fu and Qi Gong, initiated by the Chinese government after the end of the cultural revolution.

This modern form of "Wushu" can easily be mistaken for Kung Fu by the uninitiated.

Traditional schools who still follow the original arts inherited by an unbroken lineage are much harder to find but often also lack important parts of genuine training and philosophy.

Shaolin Wahnam is most probably the biggest school in the world that still upholds and values the real Shaolin treasures as developed by its legendary masters.

Our grandmaster has dedicated his life to crystallizing what he had learned from his four outstanding masters and built an effective and efficient system to be spread to deserving people irrespective of race, culture and religion.

I've been learning from my Sifu (master / teacher) for over a decade (with some years of prior martial arts experience) and, with his blessings, created the first online training of our martial arts system. So now you have the unprecedented chance to learn the best of the best from the comfort of your home.


If you’ve practiced Chinese Martial Arts before but find important aspects lacking such as you can’t use what you learned spontaneously or you haven’t developed any internal force, then…

This is the place to make your Kung Fu come alive!

…or to start ideally straight away if you’re a fresh beginner.

Do you want to spend years of training, only to find out that you don’t know how to use what you learnt and you don’t get any benefit or even ruin your health?

Do you want to spend $ 5 a month to access a bunch of unstructured random clips of Kung Fu sets and single applications? Then you’re not at the right place for that.

At the Shaolin Treasure House you can find comprehensive programs in which you’ll find all the tools and knowledge necessary to become a true master one day.

Our unique training is now publicly available but exclusive.

People who act disrespectfully against any member of our school will be banned. This is a place to grow together and the Shaolin training demands high moral values.

Become a Scholar-Warrior!

This world definitely needs more Scholar-Warriors!

People who are

  • open-minded
  • righteous
  • brave
  • wise
  • diligent
  • and ready to start the change within themselves

By practicing genuine Shaolin training you can enhance and deepen these and other valuable qualities.

Take the rare chance, visit the "Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu" and

start your transformation today!

Testimonials of happy Scholar-Warriors

Reinhard Barth, Kung Fu student

Reinhard Barth

Fleet Manager

I was always fascinated by Shaolin Kung Fu and found Sifu Leo's school through the internet.

I can’t even list how much this decision has enriched my life here. Physical ailments like back pain or problems with falling asleep were all gone after about a year of practice.

Back then, I was 25, fit and healthy, but I felt that it could be even better. Today, at 30, I’m really much more agile than before, physically as well as mentally.

Andrea Wieland-Sulzbacher, Kung Fu student

Andrea Wieland-Sulzbacher


The daily Kung Fu training is my daily “pleasure hour”. It is a lot of fun to learn new movement patterns that can even be used for self-defence.

I love the independence of practicing, the low effort and the calm fashion of the training.

Besides physical fitness, power and flexibility also concentration and mindfulness have increased. The effects of the training surpass all my previous experience in fitness centres.

Martha Maderthaner, Kung Fu student

Martha Maderthaner

Social Worker & Art Therapist

I was immediately enthralled of the Kung Fu training and now I see I could also develop a long-term love for it.

The training gave me strength and stability, even in trying times.

I’m still amazed of feeling so happy, relaxed and alert after Kung Fu practice, even after an exhausting day.

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