The 18 Lohan Hands

The "18 Lohan Hands" Qi Gong Online Course

In this online course, I'll share with you one of the most precious sets of Qi Gong exercises, which the venerable Bodhidharma (called "Da Mo" in Chinese) taught to the Shaolin monks about 1,500 years ago.

They stood the test of time and proved effective in promoting health, vitality and longevity of Qi Gong practitioners worldwide.

The set takes care of all body parts, organs and energy systems. The exercises can be practiced in combination or solitarily. (We'd usually choose 1-3 exercises.)

The first eight exercises are also known as "The Eight Pieces of Brocade" or "Baduanjin", one of the most-widely practiced styles of Qi Gong.

You can find more information and a list of all the exercises in this blog post.

How does the course work?

You'll learn one exercise per week.

As our three basic exercises were already taught in "The Essence of Qi Gong", this course takes 15 weeks.

Every week contains at least three videos on your new exercise:

  • Detailed instructions on how to perform the form and breathing patterns, including common mistakes to avoid
  • A complete guided Qi Gong session
  • The specific benefits of the exercise


The price for learning these legendary exercises in this 15-week online course is:

€ 387

My in-person students take at least the same time to learn the set week by week and pay an equal amount on membership fees.

You'll have the bonus of reviewing the exercises anytime you like and practicing with me "on demand". 😉

Here's how you can book the course:

If you're already a member at the Shaolin Treasure House, you can book this course here:

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If you're a student of the worldwide Shaolin Wahnam Institute but haven't yet booked a course at the Shaolin Treasure House, you can apply by filling out a form to introduce yourself. Once you're accepted, you'll receive the link to the booking page.

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If you haven't trained with us before, you can learn three of these wonderful exercises and the essential skills to make them come alive in our fundamental course "The Essence of Qi Gong":

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