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List of Certified Instructors

Check out the complete list of all official Shaolin Wahnam instructors for Shaolin Qi Gong, Shaolin Kung Fu and Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan with contact details here:

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Find a list of all Shaolin Wahnam websites here:, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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Shaolin Wahnam Wien, Austria, Sifu Leonard Lackinger

Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong Linz, Austria, Sifu Irene Hewarth



Zen Earth Therapies, England, Sifu James Lawrence

Shaolin Qigong Hampshire, England, Sifu Matthew Wood

Kung Fu London, England, Sifu Jon Slade



Shaolin Nordic, Finland, Sifu Markus Kahila



Shaolin Wahnam Frankfurt, Germany, Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt

Cosmos Chi Kung Frankfurt, Germany, Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt



Shaolin Wahnam Éireann, Ireland, Sifu John Ó Laoidh



Shaolin Wahnam Varese, Italy, Sifu Diana Regazzoni



Shaolin Wahnam Nederland, Sifu Roeland Dijkema



Shaolin Wahnam Portugal, Sifu Riccardo Salvatore



Fully Alive, Scotland, Sifu Tim Franklin



Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan Madrid, Spain, Sifu Manuel Tirado Lopez

Shaolin Wahnam Barcelona, Spain, Sifu Daniel Perez

Chi Kung Barcelona, Spain, Sifu Adalia Iglesias

Shaolin Wahnam Alicante, Spain, Sifu Trinidad Parreño

Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung Madrid, Spain, Sifu Victor Manuel Mendana

Shaolin Wahnam Institute, Salamanca, Spain, Sifu Santi Criado



Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland, Sifu Andrew Barnett

Flowing Health, Switzerland, Sifu Andrew Barnett

Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong, Sifu Andrea Zilio, Switzerland






Sifu Seán Grame, Australia



Holistic Health Cultivation Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sifu Dr. Foong Tuck Meng

Shaolin Wahnam Sabah, Malaysia, Sifu Bernie Kissey



Shaolin Wahnam Taiwan, Sifu Mark Blohm





Amithaba, Colombia, Sifu Rafael Castro Vargas


Puerto Rico

Shaolin Wahnam Puerto Rico, Sifu Angel Perez



Shaolin Wahnam Institute New York, USA, Sifu Eugene Siterman

Shaolin St. Pete, Florida, USA, Sifus Chris & Christina Didyk

Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities, USA, Sifu Molly Kubinski

FertiliQi, Cosmos Qi Gong and Meditation for Fertility, Sifu Molly Kubinski

Shaolin Wahnam New York, USA, Sifu Michael Simon

Shaolin Legacy, USA, Sifu David Langford