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It's great that you're interested in the wonderful art of Qi Gong, which can improve your health and well-being and help you become the best version of yourself.

Find out what really matters right from the start!

If you already have experience with Qi Gong, this e-book offers good opportunities to review the effects of your practice and provides helpful tips that have helped countless students improve their Qi Gong.

May this e-book, which contains my experiences and insights from over a decade of daily practice, be a helpful guide on your journey into the wonderful world of Qi Gong.


In it, you’ll find the following chapters:

  • Welcome to the World of Qi Gong!
  • Qi Gong - Art of Energy and Meditation in Motion
  • What do you need for Qi Gong?
  • Skills - What really matters in Qi Gong
  • Burn the Books!
  • If you intend to renew yourself, do it every day!
  • How to find an effective Training
  • A few more Practical Tips in conclusion

Take a little time now to inform yourself well,
rather than wasting time and money later!

Valentina Keserue, Qi Gong student

Valentina Keserue

Head of Finance International

I highly recommend this book by Sifu Leo to anyone interested in, starting out with, or already practicing Qi Gong. It provides readers with a very clear and structured understanding of what Qi Gong is all about, and the benefits of practicing authentic Qi Gong.

If I had known this information before starting my Qi Gong practice, I would have saved myself a lot of time. I would have known from the beginning what to look for in order to practice "real" Qi Gong and not just something that looks like it. While the relaxation I experienced in schools that teach Qi Gong as a gentle relaxation and fitness exercise was very pleasant, it wasn't much more than that.

The differences between authentic Qi Gong from Shaolin Wahnam, which Sifu Leo teaches, and the Qi Gong I learned in other so-called Qi Gong schools, are so indescribably vast that I can only recommend every Qi Gong practitioner to check their practice against Sifu Leo's guidelines.

One learns what a relaxed, meditative state of mind is, and why it is the key to true success in Qi Gong. This of course includes relaxation, but also the improvement of health, the increase of joy of life, and the development of internal force. Additionally, authentic Qi Gong teaches how to integrate these skills learned in Qi Gong into everyday life.

Sifu Andrew Barnett, Shaolin Master

Sifu Andrew Barnett

CEO, Author, Chief Instructor Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland, Creator of Quantum Energy Alignment

The book is written in a very simple and flowing style. One can feel the enthusiasm and calming energy of a true master. Finding such a master has always been a huge challenge in the past. With the possibilities of the internet, this search has become almost more difficult for laypeople, as so much misinformation and false masters are spread everywhere.

Sifu Leo gives you this treasure trove – a true gift for anyone searching. The many helpful advice can also help you find the true art of Qi Gong.

As if that weren't enough, tips are given that can help both beginners and experienced Qi Gong students practice optimally and enjoy the best benefits of this wonderful art.

The book is – like this high-quality art of the Shaolin – simple, direct, and highly efficient.

Petra Kurz, Qi Gong student

Petra Kurz

Assistant to the management board

The book conveys with precision, authenticity, and depth the essential aspects and peculiarities of Shaolin Qi Gong.

It is an excellent guide for those who want to start training.

One immediately feels motivated to start practicing Qi Gong and experience its effects firsthand.

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