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Learn and practice rare skills wherever and whenever you like.

Here you'll find an overview of our online courses on authentic Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong by Shaolin Wahnam.

You shall learn more than just the gentle Qi Gong exercises.

With us, it's all about skills that truly bring your practice to life and transform it into a meditative practice.

"I could clearly feel the difference between the 'gentle gymnastics' I practiced before and the practice that is unfolding now.

I feel joy and confidence when I think about incorporating Qi Gong into my daily life and letting it take effect."

- Barbara

It all starts with the essential fundamentals that will elevate your practice to an effective and profound level from the very beginning (or guaranteed to enhance your existing practice).

The Essence of Qi Gong

The 4-week online program where you'll learn authentic Qi Gong energy skills, such as activating your energy flow and calming your mind, to enhance your health, mood, resilience, efficiency and much more.

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Here are some of the many positive testimonials from participants:

"So well explained, great structure. It's just so much fun to participate. Thank you very, very much for these wonderful lessons. I enjoy it and I can feel that I already have so much more energy."
- Sandra

"I find your videos extremely pleasant and very illustrative. A huge compliment and thank you for the enriching course, which is worth every penny. 😊"
- Georg

"The exercises are so great and this course was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Your course was really informative and a lot of fun."
- Andrea

"That was a nice introduction and I immediately watched everything and practiced along. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning. I'm fully motivated to learn everything. The course is well structured, and in a lovely friendly atmosphere, I enjoy starting the day with your exercises. I'm looking forward to what comes next."
- Leonie

"Wonderful teachings!"
- Dieter

"The videos of the individual exercises are very, very understandable and invite great joy into Qi Gong practice."
- Wolfgang

"I thank you for the great sessions. I've practiced diligently and during this session, I already felt the difference, more energy and much calmness. I'm also very relaxed. I will continue to train diligently."
- Stefanie

"I am very impressed by the mental aspect of relaxation, tranquility, and flow. After practicing, I feel more energy and at the same time a pleasantly deep calmness that leads to more clarity and relaxation. It's nice to go through everyday life with more vitality again."
- Wolfgang

Once you've established a solid foundation with the basic course, several exciting courses await you.

Many more will be available in the future.

If you've previously learned from me or other instructors at Shaolin Wahnam, you can fill out a brief form to apply and I'll then grant you access.

Further Qi Gong Courses

recommended for the first 1-2 years of practice

The primary focus of these exercises is on restoring and maintaining holistic health.

You shall not only be free from pain and illnesses but also feel good and full of energy.

While the courses are listed in the order I'd recommend, you may choose any of them after learning the fundamentals.

The 18 Lohan Hands

With this legendary collection of exercises with 1,500 years of tradition, which also includes the "8 Pieces of Brocade", you have a tool at hand for every occasion.

Furthermore, you ensure consistent motivation with plenty of variety.

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The 8 Pieces of Brocade (Baduanjin)

The most widely practiced Qi Gong form worldwide, in the easy-to-learn and highly effective version by Shaolin Wahnam.

Learn to "shoot arrows" and "pluck stars" to ensure stable health well into old age.

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The 5 Animal Play and the 5 Elements

The five animals 🕊🐻🐅🦌🐒 are very dynamic exercises and ideal to release and balance pent-up emotions.

But, of course, they are also beneficial to mobility and the organ systems.

Furthermore, you'll get to know more about the "5 Elemental Processes". 🔥🌊⛓🌳⛰️

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What else is there to discover?

Here you'll find an overview of our school's complete repertoire:

Ranking of Qi Gong exercises in Shaolin Wahnam (EN)

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