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Shaolin Wahnam is rich in traditional Kung Fu sets as well as rare skills, methods to train internal force and knowledge of combat application.

That was the reason to call this platform a "Shaolin Treasure House".

Here you can find just a few selected videos taken from our treasure chest. Enjoy!


Resist using these videos as self-learning manuals! You will most probably just waste your time.

The following Kung Fu sets range from intermediate to a very high level.

They should only be learned, once you’ve developed a solid foundation.

Our “Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu” online course is a good starting point.

For some sneak peeks into this fundamental training program, jump over to my blog here.

The concept of the five classical animals forms the prototype of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

My Sifu chose me as the protector of the Shaolin Five-Animal Set. So there will surely be chances to learn the set from me. But not only the set, also the animal spirits and of course the application of the wonderful techniques.

The philosophy of the five animal styles goes way beyond the imitation of animal movements. It is the blueprint to executing every Kung Fu technique perfectly and in total harmony of body and mind.

You can dive deeper into this understanding with my blog post at my local school’s website, Shaolin Wahnam Wien (Vienna, Austria).

This set was also featured in Sifu's bestselling book "The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu", regarded as one of the best books on Shaolin Kung Fu by many.

The double-edged sword, or “Jian” in Chinese”, is called the “Weapon of Masters”. As it is a dainty weapon compared to halberds and sabres, it requires a lot of skill to use it effectively.

The sword is often seen in Tai Chi Chuan, but of course it used in Shaolin Kung Fu too.

This is my favourite weapon set, the “Shaolin Traveling Dragon Sword”.

The “Dragon Strength Chi-Circulation Set” is the most versatile Kung Fu set to train various types of internal force and its application. It is the set I practice most often, just like my Sifu.

As it is a very rare set, we consider it one of the many treasures of our school.

Refrain from using this video as a self-learning manual. It is not the techniques that make this form so incredibly powerful. The necessary skills have to be transmitted by a master.    

Although it looks nice in films and on the stage, the onus of Drunken Kung Fu is NOT artistic performance and you don’t need to stagger with every move.

Relaxation and good energy flow play a big role though. Agility too.

“Drunken Eight Immortals” is an extraordinary toolbox. Different to many other sets, it contains only few sequences (or combos). The 108 patterns are meant for special situations and provide a lot of tricks and surprises.

From falling and rolling to releasing grips, from unusual leg techniques to ground fighting, from throws to Dim Mak. Everything is contained.

You’ll surely find more “drunken” and artistic versions on the net. In this video you can see a version aimed at combat application.

No alcohol was killed during filming. ;)

This are the video clips of the "Drunken Eight Immortals Application Series" that show some interesting combat applications of Drunken Kung Fu.

The “Shaolin Taming-Tiger Set” is one of the treasures of Hoong Ka Kung Fu (Hung Gar, Hung Kuen, Hung Kyun), one of the most important Southern Shaolin styles.

I don't claim any lineage other than to the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu I practice, which is the source of all Hoong Ka lineages.

Because of his admiration for Wong Fei Hung and Lam Sai Wing, our grandmaster wanted to learn this legendary set in his young days. At that time there were no videos available and no Hoong Ka master tangible. So he created his own interpretation, based on the written manual by a student of Lam Sai Wing and his in-depth expertise in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

The version of Shaolin Wahnam is different from the popular ones, but it contains the same techniques and – most importantly – the essence of the set, namely internal force and the tiger spirit.

For my Hung Gar brothers and sisters: Please watch with an open heart, in the spirit of Shaolin. :)

The sabre, or “Dao”, represent the tiger, as it is used in a resolute and ferocious manner.

It was often used by soldiers on the battlefield, as it is suitable to wield off multiple opponents.

The “Shaolin Plum Flower Sabre” set was created by our grandmaster and contains patterns from Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Harng Yein, the eldest and best student of Venerable Chee Seen, the last abbot of the Southern Shaolin Temple, collected the best 108 techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu at his time and combined them into this set.

Today, the "Essence of Shaolin" is a very rare and therefore treasured set that I practice regularly.

It is interesting to note that my grandmaster, Lai Chin Wah, taught this set to my Sifu, his successor, in great detail by teaching him every night over the course of two years.

Here’s another look at the “Dragon Strength Chi-Circulation Set”, performed by our grandmaster, Wong Kiew Kit.

Notice the powerful energetic vibration of the hands. You might make out another high-level Shaolin art called “Cosmos Palm” too, which is also known as “Red Sand Palm” and can be admired in this performance.

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