The Essence of Qi Gong - Online Course by Shaolin Wahnam

How to use Qi Gong to feel more balanced and alive without spending hours on your practice.

Would you like to flow through life with a smile in your heart? 😊/ ❤


The Essence of Qi Gong - Online Course by Shaolin Wahnam

How to use Qi Gong to feel more balanced and alive without spending hours on your practice.

Would you like to flow through life with a smile in your heart? 😊/ ❤


Then welcome to the Shaolin Treasure House!

powered by the Shaolin Wahnam Institute

Imagine you could get rid of stress and tension within minutes!

To stay calm when your child is having their typical breakdowns or when someone on the road cuts you off.

Are you ready to establish a simple yet effective practice routine you can really squeeze into your busy life? Then read on!


Let me guess! Your work and family are taking up most of your time and energy.

The times we live in take a big toll on our health and well-being. Stress, anxiety, burnout and depression are just some of the collective health challenges of our society.

And while your boss, clients or partner would like to see you work even more, you know you should do something to find balance again. You may do sports or Yoga but to be honest, those activities use up even more of your time and energy.

Once you’ve finished all the tasks of your daily grind, you don’t feel like doing anything other than passing out on the couch whilst watching Netflix.


The art of Qi Gong provides a solution to many problems of this fast-paced world.

It’s the perfect tool to help you slow down, find your centre and re-fill your energy.

But there’s a catch!

While the gentle Qi Gong movements are easy to learn, it’s not the exercises alone that unlock the manifold health, vitality and performance benefits the art is supposed to give.

There are a few things you should really know to make your practice effective but hardly anyone tells you.

Additionally, most Qi Gong styles and other types of meditation require you to practice for 30-60 minutes to derive some benefits (if any), which you only manage to do every now and then.

In “The Essence of Qi Gong”, you’ll learn the simple and time-tested practice routine based on the crystallized insight of my master, the world-renowned Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, and everything you need to know to get the best out of your practice.

Shaolin Qi Gong Butterfly Exercise

This online program will enable you to take care of your health and well-being and increase your energy levels independently by practicing just 10-15 minutes a day.


No matter if

  • you are a beginner and want to practice Qi Gong the right way from the beginning
  • you tried Qi Gong before but would like to finally find the Qi to your Gong
  • you practice already and want to take your practice to a whole new level

This online course will set you up for success by learning

the No. 1 Qi Gong Skill

that changes everything.

Most people base their Qi Gong practice on a wrong presumption.

They think that when they repeat the exercises long enough, they will achieve the benefits of Qi Gong. This may be true for some lucky ones who do everything correctly by chance.

But what most people miss is that it’s actually the skill of generating your energy flow that unlocks the wonderful effects of Qi Gong practice.

So, if you only do the movements without enhancing your energy then by definition, it’s not Qi Gong – the Art of Energy – no matter how long or often you practice.


This course is your opportunity to…

stopStop waiting for the benefits to hopefully unfold after years.

stopStop the guessing game.

stopStop learning exercise after exercise.


And start understanding what really counts: Learning and developing the necessary skills.

The teaching in Shaolin Wahnam and in this course is all about helping you find your energy flow as quickly as possible so you can

checkunlock the Qi Gong benefits for your health, well-being and performance

checkor boost your existing Qi Gong, Yoga or Meditation practice

This program is NOT for you if…

The Essence of Qi Gong Online Course

Your 4-week Online Program
The shortcut to rare Energy Skills and profound results


This course will introduce you to Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong, an exceptionally powerful and transformational style of energy work practiced in the international Shaolin Wahnam Institute founded by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

I’m Sifu Leo, a close student of grandmaster Wong, who was awarded the title “Qi Gong Master of the Year” at the “Second World Congress on Qi Gong” many years ago and has since then improved his teaching and practice methodology to an unprecedented level.

With my Sifu’s consent and after teaching hundreds of students at my local school in Vienna, Austria, I’m now offering our unique Qi Gong system online so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.


Secrets revealed

I’m willing to share rare knowledge and skills with you that most Qi Gong teachers either don’t know themselves or are not able to pass on.

BUT: This program will require you to make a sincere commitment to do your work.

Hmmm, can learning and practicing an enjoyable, pleasant and healthy art really be called “work”? 😊


Here’s what you’ll get:

yin-yang The course will answer all the questions WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW you should practice Qi Gong.

yin-yang You’ll learn 3 simple yet effective exercises of the legendary “18 Lohan Hands”, the exercises taught to the Shaolin monks by the Venerable Bodhidharma more than 1,500 years ago.

yin-yang And most of all: You will develop rare but necessary skills to turn the simple movements into a Qi Gong practice that can actually create effects and change your life to the better.

Shaolin Qi Gong Exercises

Learning from books and random videos without proper guidance is a waste of time (but only those who have experienced the difference understand).

On the other hand, many programs overwhelm you with hours and hours of material you can never really comprehend.

“The Essence of Qi Gong” provides you with the middle path to achieve best results in a cost-effective manner.

Sandra Qi Gong Student

Sandra Kerl

“The course gave me profound information while avoiding an overload of unnecessary details.

I personally cannot think of anything which you could have done better.

I enjoyed being part of this course.”

Sandra Qi Gong Student

Cora Hemken

“The Essence of Qi Gong was a great experience.

I enjoyed every practice session and still continue to do so. I feel refreshed after every session and start more energetic into my day than before.

I'm still pleasantly surprised what is possible with only 15 minutes a day.

Sifu, you are a great teacher with clear and good to follow explanations and always taking your time to answer our questions. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.”

Sandra Qi Gong Student

Herbert Wernspacher

“Thank you for guiding us to become the best version of ourselfes.

You have done a lot of work, a lot of good work, to support us on our way.

Many, many thanks for sharing your experience with us.”

Qi Flow

Genuine Qi Gong is all about enhancing your energy flow and I’m happy to share this essential skill with you!

How does it work and how much time do you need to invest each week through the program?


Start anytime

Qi Gong Online Training

New lessons, presented in short video clips, will be unlocked for you every week. A lot at the start, with phases of less new material later on, so you can consolidate what you learned before.

2.5 hours of pre-recorded videos unlocked in three weekly blocks:

Week 1: 80 minutes

Week 2: 34 minutes

Week 3: 32 minutes

I want you to get real results from your Qi Gong practice. This requires you to learn with the videos and to put them into action by practicing for just 10-15 minutes once or twice a day.


When you have watched all the videos and practiced every day, you can qualify for the next phase by completing a little assessment (using an online form).


Starting once you've completed the first phase and passed the little assessment

Qi Gong Skill Transmission

This phase marks the core of the program.

I will transmit the necessary skills to make your Qi Gong come alive.

We'll dive deeper into attaining relaxation, the right mindset and how to enhance your Qi Flow.


I emphasize: You can only enter this crucial, magical phase by doing your preparation first and passing the assessment.


Starting as soon as you've completed the Transmission Lesson

Qi Gong practice in the hills

It’s always nice to learn new things but I want to help you to make the things you learn stick.

Therefore, you’ll get some summary videos you can re-watch from time to time to keep everything fresh.

You'll receive:

  • One more practice video (15 minutes)
  • Access to the recordings of earlier Livestream and Q&A Sessions
  • 42 minutes of Summary and Bonus Videos


Qi Gong Chinese Characters

The "Gong" in Qi Gong means "Skill in working with energy".

This online course is all about developing the skills necessary to achieve Qi Gong benefits, so you can calm your mind, release stress and anxiety, clear physical and emotional blockages and experience happiness again.

You’ll know what to do at every stage of your development. Everything is presented in an easy-to-follow manner.

Whenever unsure, you can ask your questions below the respective lessons or send them to me by email.

Instead of wasting your time with random books and videos or testing through countless schools, you’ll learn everything that really counts to make your practice effective and also which prevalent information actually hinders your progress.

Most schools VS Shaolin Wahnam

A comparison between how most schools teach Qi Gong and how your training with Shaolin Wahnam and here at the Shaolin Treasure House can be different.

This is not meant to belittle other masters who sincerely try to do good. Nevertheless, this is the result of observations by tens of thousands of our students worldwide.

teach technique after technique


you'll learn and develop skills, which are far more important

try to explain Qi


you'll experience Qi yourself first-hand

No questions allowed


Ask me anything!

No guidance on what to practice on your own


A clear path, so you know what to do

Complicated sequences of exercises


1-3 simple yet effective exercises at a time

Arcane and mystified explanations based on literal translations


Clear and practical explanation from direct experience

Years of practice till results


quick progress that will save you years of trial and error

often practice time of 30-60 minutes or more


with 10-15 minutes suitable for everyday use

Too complicated to practice on your own


Simple and effective. You'll find profundity in simplicity.

Worrying if you do everything correctly


Build self-confidence that you can't do anything wrong

“The Essence of Qi Gong” is all about quality over quantity.

Would you rather

…spend hundreds of hours reading books and watching videos to learn theoretical knowledge


enjoy a few hours to learn what really counts


Made for busy people
and those who want to experience deep & fast results

Busy Mum in stress

This course is for...

  • you if you have a time-consuming job or irregular working hours that prevent you from attending regular classes.
  • busy Mums and Dads. (who need to have a cost-effective practice in between looking after children, housekeeping and work)
  • those who have problems starting out with meditation (like basically everyone who tries it).
  • Qi Gong practitioners who feel that their practice should give them much more in return.
  • seekers of genuine arts and profound effects.


As a loving family father, entrepreneur, leader of a successful Shaolin school in Vienna, Austria, and a person with a lot of other passions aside from my calling to teach Kung Fu and Qi Gong, I know that time is scarce and should be made good use of.

As an enthusiastic practitioner of Qi Gong and Kung Fu I witnessed how ineffective most practices are and am forever grateful to have found my Sifu who introduced me to the high-level internal Shaolin arts.

That’s why I created this unique introduction to genuine Qi Gong to share this gift with you.


red X No hour-long videos.

red XNo need to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to benefit from Qi Gong.

checkYou’ll get everything you need to practice effectively without spending too much time on it, “just” the crystallization of “The Essence of Qi Gong”.

You are new to Qi Gong?


In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to start your own practice at a highly effective level at home right away.

You're already practicing Qi Gong?


The skills you'll learn here are a true gamechanger and will either make your practice finally come alive or boost it to the next level.

Be prepared that our kind of Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong is different from everything you’ve learned before.

"Empty your cup" to find out that extraordinary means can lead to exceptional results.

Answer these questions to see if you meet the requirements for this course:

  • Are you ready to put in the effort to develop the rare and invaluable skills and benefits of the Shaolin arts?
  • Are you willing to train every day for 10-15 minutes – no exceptions, no excuses?
  • Are you willing to follow the instructions and to abide by the moral way of the 10 Shaolin Laws?

Then you may ask:


"Learning genuine Shaolin arts is better than changing stones to gold by touch."

So many Benefits!

By following this training program diligently, you can develop a lot of benefits like these:

  • Find and maintain Holistic Health (on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels)

  • Increase your Vitality and Zest for Life

  • Improve your Performance and Productivity

  • Develop Mental Clarity and Mindfulness

  • Achieve Emotional Balance

  • Find Happiness and Spiritual Joy

For comparison, the benefits of Qi Gong gymnastics only include stretching muscles and a sense of short-term well-being.

This could be you...

These are all comments I regularly hear from my students:

  • Often, I find myself being happy for no apparent reason.

  • I feel grounded and at ease.

  • My partner is surprised how relaxed I am now and reminds me to practice if I forget.

  • I can’t remember when I was last sick.

  • When meeting a friend after a long time, she was astonished by my positive radiation.

  • I feel what’s good for me again.

  • I could forgive and made peace with my family.

  • My new clarity and calmness help me to make good decisions at work and in my private life.

  • I just noticed that the tension at my neck and back are gone.

  • My Tai Chi practice has become so much stronger after taking only one Qi Gong lesson with Sifu Leo.

  • I finally managed to sleep through the whole night again.

The only practice that creates more time than you invest.

By developing a focused mind and collecting energy you increase your productivity, so you have more time for your loved ones and your passions.

Many advanced practitioners of our school report that they need less sleep to stay functional, which creates even more time to do other worthy things.

And even your little ones will soon understand that Mommy (or Daddy) is more relaxed, energized and fully immersed in the present moment when spending time with them after a little practice session instead of constantly thinking about work.


Caring Shaolin Teacher


By becoming my student, you’ll have my life-long support as your Sifu.
I truly love to hear about my students' progress and am ready to give advice whenever needed.

Online Community


You’ll get access to the exclusive “Shaolin Tea Room”, our online community. Use the opportunity to ask questions, share your experience and connect with other students.

Advanced Qi Gong


After laying the foundation, you qualify for more advanced Qi Gong courses to deepen and maximize your practice. This essential course is only the first step of a wonderful journey.

The Blueprint to Happiness

BONUS 4 (Videos)

"The Blueprint to Happiness", "The Power of Forgiving", "Qi Gong and Sleep", "I cannot not think of anything!", "Quality over quantity", "Techniques VS Skills", "Wu Wei - Action in Non-Action"

Coupon Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu


€ 50 voucher for “The Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu”, my 6-month online program on the fundamentals of Kung Fu. You can use it yourself or give it to a loved one.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


And you will become part of the loving worldwide Shaolin Wahnam family, led by my Sifu, grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, a genius in Qi Gong and Kung Fu and an incredibly generous teacher.

Let me be your Guide to Health and Happiness!

Sifu Leo

I’m Sifu Leo from Austria and I found my purpose in helping people like you enjoy the training and benefits of martial arts in a fun and pain-free manner, just like tens of thousands of wonderful people in Shaolin Wahnam already do.

We practice not just because we enjoy our training, but to fulfill our mission of improving the world by spreading health and happiness to the world through the practice of the precious Shaolin arts.

I was quite engaged with all sorts of sports throughout most parts of my life, from kicking and throwing balls into goals or baskets to boarding on the streets and snowy hills. But one winter, I found myself at the edge of depression from too little activity and an unhealthy lifestyle. My back was in pain from too much time spent in front of the computer.

Despite thinking I was already too old, it was then I decided to try out something I was always fascinated with but never took on. Kung Fu seemed the perfect fit to train movement along with meditation and this assumption turned out to be true. :)

The Kung Fu practice truly changed my life for the better, especially after I met my second and current Sifu (master), Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, at a Qi Gong course in Austria during his travels around the world. With every additional course, Sifu led me deeper into the inner teachings of martial arts and Qi Gong. I’ve seen and experienced things that I wouldn’t have thought possible before.

Sifu Leo & Grandmaster Wong

Although it was intended I take over my first school as a successor one day, I resigned from teaching as assistant in 2013 and handed over my duties of managing the office and leading the show team.

With Sifu’s approval, I founded Shaolin Wahnam Wien (Vienna) and have since helped hundreds of students to improve their lives with their Shaolin practice.

When I’m not training, teaching, playing the drums, building LEGOs with my son or out with my family, I still spend a lot of time on the computer, spreading the knowledge I was bestowed with. But now I know how to balance out with my enjoyable and healthy practice.

And so can you! I’m happy to guide you on your Shaolin journey.

My Students wanted to share some of their Successes with you...

Lena Salzmann, Qi Gong student

Lena Salzmann

Complementary Practitioner

As I didn’t have any physical ailments when starting Qi Gong, I thought it would take some time to experience positive effects or that they wouldn’t be easy to measure. 

But the opposite is true. 

After my first livestream session, I started practicing twice a day for about the quarter of an hour as recommended by Sifu Leo and I’m absolutely impressed. 

Within a few days, the sessions have become a fond ritual that can be easily integrated into everyday life because of the short timespan needed. 

What surprised me the most is the fact that I can live through the day with so much more calmness, serenity and ease so quickly and at the same time still have a lot of energy in the evening.

Dear Sifu, thank you for your kindness in passing on your knowledge so generously and for creating a smile in our hearts.

Michael Maschek, Qi Gong student

Michael Maschek

Project Manager and IT

After a friendly smile by Sifu Leo when greeting the course participants, I already felt in good hands. 

A short introduction and we already noticed that Sifu Leo is taking it seriously. 

We started with the first exercise and soon I could experience my very first Qi Flow, so we could reap the fruits of our Qi Gong practice. 

Surely everyone has different problem zones and I immediately noticed blockages in my back and stomach that will surely profit from future energy flows beside my whole being. 

In the first livestream session we already learnt the essential tools to practice Qi Gong independently every day. 

Altogether, a fantastic experience by a teacher you certainly don’t find often.

Thank you, Sifu, for this load of positive energy! Your intrinsic motivation to give 100% is palpable and I felt how much joy you have in doing your thing.

Valerie Strassberg, Qi Gong student

Valerie Strassberg

Tourist Guide

Since starting my practice with Sifu Leo, I can say that everything is better now. 

What is the greatest benefit of practicing daily? It was always difficult for me to finish one thing without already thinking about the next. The mind cultivation with Qi Gong has taught me to focus. This led to a better mood and a relaxed body, which in turn increased my concentration. 

The Qi Gong training in Shaolin Wahnam is short and efficient. As recommended by Sifu Leo, I practice in the morning and in the evening – it has become a routine like brushing my teeth. 

It’s so efficient and at the same time indispensable that I dare to say: I’ll never stop.

And the community in Shaolin Wahnam has become a kind of family.

Johannes Hochhauser, Qi Gong student

Johannes Hochhauser

Sound Engineer

Wow! Thank you so much for the livestream session. I’m still amazed! 

I’ve explored Qi Gong before but the lesson with Sifu was on a completely different level. 

He instructed the lesson with his pleasant and calm nature that startled something in me. 

Getting into Qi Flow for the first time was an intensive, extraordinary experience I recommend to everyone. 

Since then, I’ve been practicing with enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to the next session.

Tamara Atschba-Kuzmichev, Qi Gong student

Tamara Atschba-Kuzmichev

Concert Pianist, Lecturer Music University Wien

Here you’re going to find yourself, heal your body and soul and find the daily motivation to get rid of the many thoughts polluting our mind. You’ll set your energy free that will bring you forward and support you, even in our trying times. 

I’ve been practicing for a few years now and I’m so happy and grateful to have found Sifu Leo, who is an excellent mentor, as my master. 🙏 

My back, neck, Achilles tendon, broken foot, tinnitus, anxiety, sleeping problems, fear of death – I got it all under control. 

Start NOW!

Ulli Kittelberger, Qi Gong student



I had headaches for a year. Really nothing helped.

While searching for “mindfulness training”, I came across Shaolin Wahnam.

The headaches were gone within a few weeks.

But not only that. I can cope with stress and new challenges so much better now.

I feel much calmer and more grounded.

Now, I’m simply enjoying the training.

Alexandra Kleinheinz, Qi Gong student

Alexandra Kleinheinz


This school of traditional Shaolin arts is a true stroke of luck.

I started with Qi Gong three years ago because of back pain. In the meantime, I only have a blurred memory of this problem. 

The training is highly efficient and replaces any time-consuming types of sport. 

The effects surpass all my expectations. A general sense of well-being in body and mind emerges, the capability to concentrate improves and over time, I understood what it means to “be at home in your body”.

Andrea Wieland-Sulzbacher, Kung Fu student

Andrea Wieland-Sulzbacher


I was very agitated and unsure before my first course – my body was in pain.

After the first session, I was calm and happy with less pain.

During my first week of practice, my posture improved and my cough went away.

I was simply happy, that things are looking up with my body now and signed up for the Kung Fu class two months later.

Veronika Lang, Qi Gong student

Veronika Lang


The exercises totally hit the mark for me.

I look forward to my practice every day and haven’t missed a single day ever since. Sometimes I even practice twice – this surpasses my expectation of myself. It feels so light and easy…

I was suffering from severe headaches. Whenever I had a migraine attack, it always took three days to go away, without exception. Even painkillers didn’t help.

Since the livestream course, I was in this situation twice and the pain went away after a few hours by itself!

I’m incredibly grateful that I had the chance take this course so I could find this special approach to Qi Gong.

Martha Maderthaner, Kung Fu student

Martha Maderthaner

Social Worker & Art Therapist

There are so many exercises that bring me joy.

Especially in the morning, I’m excited how awake and ready I become through my practice.

The training gave me strength and stability, even in trying times.

I’m still amazed at feeling so happy, relaxed and alert after practice, even after an exhausting day.

Verena Proksch, Qi Gong student

Verena Proksch

Legal Counsel

After one month of practice, I already feel many positive effects: I’m less irritable, more relaxed, I sleep better and I’m feeling happier in general. 

I expected that the daily exercises would require quite some self-persuasion but the opposite is true.

I looking forward to my practice every morning.

I’m able to appreciate the “little things” in life much more and recently, I noticed that the corners of my mouth have lifted. 😊

Thomas Meitz, Qi Gong student

Thomas Meitz

Sound Engineer

After a few unsuccessful Kung Fu video courses, I came across Shaolin Wahnam by chance. 

Although I’ve started just recently, my experience is all the more intensive. 

Qi Gong has “come to me” and I’m absolutely happy about that. It gives me energy and serenity. 

Furthermore, Sifu Leo is a source of calmness, inspiration and a walking library. 

Meanwhile, I’ve become nearly addicted to my daily training and my next Qi Flow.

OK, I want that too!


NOTICE! The training provided is not suitable for children and during pregnancy.

Start your Shaolin journey into a healthier and happier life!

Never wait until you have time!

This may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

You can do that and become a genuine energy practitioner by grasping "The Essence of Qi Gong"!

I'll be at your side to help you become a better, stronger and healthier person day by day like I've done for so many people.

Imagine yourself being more relaxed and resilient to stress, paired with a strong and clear mind in just a few weeks!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee


With our 7 days satisfaction guarantee, you can watch the video lessons of the first week. If you choose to leave during this time you'll receive a full refund and your access to the videos will end.

While the most important aspects of our practice won't be revealed until then, you can drop out in case you experience difficulties with learning from the videos or understanding my English. ;)


Sign up now, set a few learning dates in your calendar and start right away!

Special Offer

€ 187

instead of € 289

  • 4 weeks of guided training
  • Weekly new video lessons
    (a total of about 4 h of material)
  • Recordings of earlier Livestream + Q&A Sessions
  • Access to the Community
  • Life-long Access and Support

Payment available via

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