Shaolin Kung Fu Mini Starter Course by Shaolin Wahnam

The Stairway to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu

Are you ready to take your first steps in becoming a Shaolin Scholar-Warrior?


Free Shaolin Kung Fu Mini Starter Course by Shaolin Wahnam

The Stairway to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu

Are you ready to take your first steps in becoming a Shaolin Scholar-Warrior?


Then welcome to the Shaolin Treasure House!

powered by the Shaolin Wahnam Institute


You have reached “The Stairway to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu”.

Here you can see “The Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu” from afar but you’re still unsure of what to expect there and if this kind of training is a good fit for you.

A young man with a smiling face and beaming energy is descending the stairs and approaches you.

“Welcome, seeker! It’s great that you’re here.“ he says in a calm but powerful voice.

He continues “You probably heard that our Sifu is teaching genuine Shaolin Kung Fu treasures here. You are very lucky because Sifu currently offers some trial lessons, at a tremendous discount I can hardly believe it.

Of course the deeper training is reserved for those who later join our school but you should really take the opportunity to get to know our Sifu by learning your first techniques and application.”

Yes, I'm in!

This course consists of three blocks of lessons revealed week by week with a total of 23 videos, making more than 2 hours of unique teaching, accompanied with some reading fun.


During the three weeks of this course, you’ll learn:

  • The stances necessary to perform…
  • … your first two traditional Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques
  • Elementary Kung Fu Footwork and Movement Principles
  • How to control your punches for safe partner practice
  • Deflecting a mid-level punch like the Kung Fu masters of the past did
  • A joyful but challenging way to practice martial arts
Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Combat Application

You might think:

If there’s only one application,
why does it take three weeks to learn that and nothing else?

It’s easy to find video clips of combat application on the internet today. But the problem is that they are worthless unless you learned correct form and basic principles to build upon first. You can’t build a house without building the foundation first.

Many Kung Fu practitioners perform their Kung Fu beautifully. Some even show applications in isolation but only few can maintain to Kung Fu form and combat principles throughout a fight or sparring session.

Why? Because most simply didn’t learn how to apply their techniques flowingly and spontaneously.


I won’t promise that this Mini Course will enable you to counter each and every attack using Kung Fu application either. This is a process that needs systematic training and time.

But… You’ll get a glimpse of how our systematic approach works first hand. The content of each week builds upon the lessons of the weeks before, leading up to you applying “Single Tiger Emerges from Cave” effectively against the most common attack, a straight-forward punch, with a friend.

If you’ve learned Kung Fu before, you may find some useful principles to deepen your understanding. Of course the training in this mini course is just a first step. In later programs we add speed, spontaneous reaction, overcoming a guard and much more.

Start Training Now!

Your Instructor

Sifu Leo

I’m Sifu Leo from Austria and I found my purpose in helping people like you enjoy the training and benefits of martial arts in a fun and pain-free manner, just like tens of thousands of wonderful people in Shaolin Wahnam already do.

We practice not just because we enjoy our training, but to fulfill our mission of improving the world by spreading health and happiness to the world through the practice of the precious Shaolin arts.

I was quite engaged with all sorts of sports throughout most parts of my life, from kicking and throwing balls into goals or baskets to boarding on the streets and snowy hills. But one winter, I found myself at the edge of depression from too little activity and an unhealthy lifestyle. My back was in pain from too much time spent in front of the computer.

Despite thinking I was already too old, it was then I decided to try out something I was always fascinated with but never took on. Kung Fu seemed the perfect fit to train movement along with meditation and this assumption turned out to be true. :)

The Kung Fu practice truly changed my life for the better, especially after I met my second and current Sifu (master), Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, at a Qi Gong course in Austria during his travels around the world. With every additional course, Sifu led me deeper into the inner teachings of martial arts and Qi Gong. I’ve seen and experienced things that I wouldn’t have thought possible before.

Sifu Leo & Grandmaster Wong

Although it was intended I take over my first school as a successor one day, I resigned from teaching as assistant in 2013 and handed over my duties of managing the office and leading the show team.

With Sifu’s approval, I founded Shaolin Wahnam Wien (Vienna) and have since helped hundreds of students to improve their lives with their Shaolin practice.

When I’m not training, teaching, playing the drums, building LEGOs with my son or out with my family, I still spend a lot of time on the computer, spreading the knowledge I was bestowed with. But now I know how to balance out with my enjoyable and healthy practice.

And so can you! I’m happy to guide you on your Shaolin journey.

Our worldwide Kung Fu school, the Shaolin Wahnam Institute led by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, is well-known for internal force, traditional combat efficiency and mind training using a joyful and effective approach that you can even squeeze into your busy schedule.

In this Mini Course you have the chance to get a glimpse of our systematic training of combat application as developed by the past masters.

The only prerequisite is to abide by our 10 Shaolin Laws.


NOTICE! The training provided is not suitable for children and during pregnancy.

Your price for this Shaolin Kung Fu Mini Course is

€ 79

€ 7

Just get onto our mailing list and you'll get:

  • 3 Kung Fu Stances
  • 2 Traditional Kung Fu Techniques
  • 1 Combat Application Drill
  • Ancient and Modern Philosophy on Kung Fu Training

23 videos making a total of 2 hours of instruction.

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