The Heart to Heart Transmission

learning qi gong Feb 16, 2023
The Heart to Heart Transmission

3 Ways to attain wisdom

Confucius explained three methods by which we may learn wisdom:

  1. By reflection, which is noblest
  2. By imitation, which is easiest
  3. By experience, which is the bitterest

In Shaolin Wahnam, we use all these methods and make the best of them.

Experience is important but fortunately we can avoid its bitterness thanks to our joyful training.

Having great instructors and using modern facilities like videos makes imitation even easier.

With our understanding of history, philosophy and principles, we also walk the noblest path which boosts our progress by a big margin.


The 4th Way, from Heart to Heart

The fourth way is rare but also the most efficient one.

We’re talking about the “heart to heart transmission”. It is one of the most important reasons for the fast progress of our students in Shaolin Wahnam.

Transmission of Qi Gong Skills

Besides Qi Gong techniques, we simultaneously transmit the necessary skills for effective practice.

“Gong” (also written as “Kung”) means a skill attained through consistent and correct practice. Normally, you’d learn Qi Gong or Kung Fu by following an instruction and develop the skills by persistent and disciplined training. Especially in energy training only few succeed with this. Often because the instruction is incomplete or interpreted wrongly by the teacher or the student.

Nowadays, as well as in the long history of the Shaolin arts, there have been few who actually succeeded in developing internal force. The norm is – today as well as in the past – to take many months or even years to attain the skill in developing internal force at all.

Besides helpful philosophy, you directly receive the necessary skills in Shaolin Wahnam, so you can commence your effective practice after a short period of time and advance exceptionally fast.


Students in Shaolin Wahnam now only need one month to attain what took me a year in my student’s days.

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


The level of attainment of the past masters is beyond our imagination. Martial arts had a totally different priority in protecting one’s life compared to our relatively civilized world today. And so had the time spent on its training.


On old Tradition

The Dharma, the Buddhist teaching, was transmitted from heart to heart from one successor to the next too.

This is illustrated in the wordless handover from Gautama Buddha to Mahakasyapa (in the Flower Sermon) and from Bodhidharma to Hui Ke, which are also early examples of Zen.

“What can be said, I have said to you.” smiled the Buddha,

“and what cannot be said, I have given to Mahakasyapa”

The Flower Serom

The Flower Sermon


The Phenomenon of 100 Monkeys

A few monkeys found out that bananas would taste better when they would wash away the sand on them first. When other monkeys saw that, they started washing their bananas and found them better too. When more than 100 monkeys had done that, other monkeys who didn’t have visual contact to what had happened attained the knowledge to wash away the sand before eating them too.

Scientists do not know why this happens. They also do not call it heart-to-heart transmission. But with the advantage of our teaching, we know this has something to do with our mind. And our human mind is certainly more powerful than monkey’s mind. Hence, it is very important that we must always have good thoughts.

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


How does the Heart to Heart Transmission work?

All beings possess “six entries”. For humans these are the five common senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling, and our mind. Our “shen” (the mind, the soul and the consciousness) is located at the heart, according to Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The heart, in this sense, does not mean the physical organ.

With the Heart to Heart Transmission, information is transferred directly into the mind or the (sub)consciousness, without the detour of the “mundane” senses.

Similar to a television transmission it also requires the program (the content), the transmitter (the master) and the receiver (the student).

The master needs to have the particular skill themselves and the intent their student should have it too. Among the generous instructors in Shaolin Wahnam this is always the case anyway.

As a student you need to be ready to receive the transmission with an open heart. Lack of respect towards and trust in the master, as well as doubt and arrogance can block the reception.

Another analogy we like to use is that the master is planting the seed for a skill. As a student, you need to “water” it regularly to let the skill grow.

Even if you don’t practice the skill for some time, the seed is conserved (similar to the Rose of Jericho) and can be made to sprout again at any time by nourishing it. That means, for example, even if you haven’t practiced “Qi Flow” for some time for any reasons, you can re-activate it by simply recommencing your practice. Of course, the master can be very helpful in speeding up this process too.

Rose of Jericho in its dormant state, ready to flourish any time.



Many people outside our school may call us liars or arrogant because we claim to transmit skills in a very short time that normally need years to attain. But that’s their problem, not ours. Our experience confirms this statement again and again.

Our grandmaster regularly transmits all five levels of Bone Marrow Cleansing (five levels of energy flow) within just one day. It would normally take you years to acquire each of the steps.

One of my students, Wolfgang, mentioned in one of my classes in Vienna that he wouldn’t be able to do this on his own at home after my transmission of the meridian level. I encouraged him that he had received the skill and that it would be there when practicing at home too. In the same lesson, after practicing another exercise, he already revised his statement because he could feel his energy flowing in his meridians.

On other occasions, multiple participants mentioned that they had felt the particular effects of an exercise even before I had verbalized the instructions.

The transmission alone is not enough without following up with practice but it provides a significant shortcut, a kickstart so to say.


A few years ago, I thought that online training, books and videos wouldn’t be suitable for Heart to Heart Transmission.

I’m still convinced that learning in person brings the most powerful results.

But experience with many excited online students has shown that training via livestream and even pre-recorded online courses works very well too.

It seems that high-level teaching from the heart transcends time and space.


If you can’t imagine that the Heart to Heart Transmission is true, you can try it out yourself by booking one of our programs. The prerequisites are to have an open heart and to follow the 10 Shaolin Laws.


Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit on the Heart to Heart Transmission

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