Shaolin Kung Fu Online Course by Shaolin Wahnam

How to train Kung Fu and improve your life with a smile in your heart.

Would you like to train your body, energy and mind all at the same time whilst enjoying your practice?


Shaolin Kung Fu Online Course by Shaolin Wahnam

How to train Kung Fu and improve your life with a smile in your heart.

Would you like to train your body, energy and mind all at the same time whilst enjoying your practice?


Then welcome to the Shaolin Treasure House!

powered by the Shaolin Wahnam Institute

As you are surely busy with your work and living in a fast-paced world, you need an efficient practice to balance, move your body and release stress.

In the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu you can train anywhere in the world, in a non-time consuming manner to improve your everyday life and transform you into the best person you can be.

We are offering these once secret teachings because, when all people find health, joy and happiness, this world will become a better place.

Will you become one of the successors of the true Shaolin arts?


This online course is especially for you if you

  • always wanted to find genuine Shaolin training but couldn’t find a capable teacher (near where you live).
  • urge for training traditional Kung Fu but your working hours don’t allow a regular attendance at a school.
  • always wanted to train martial arts but didn’t want to follow cruel and arduous methods.
  • have experience in martial arts or sports but feel that important parts were always lacking.
  • want to keep up social distancing and meeting other people at a minimum but still want to learn martial arts.

Arriving at the "Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu"

You just arrived at the Entrance to the legendary Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu. The journey was short,  just a few mouse clicks.

There are strange sounds coming from the big hall where the advanced students do their daily training. Is there a tiger in there? Sounds like it. You find the door slightly open, so you look inside to sneak a quick peek without being noticed. There are a lot of ancient weapons in a rack at the side, but you don’t see any sandbags, weights or pads that you would usually expect in a martial arts school.

Sneak Peek Chamber Shaolin Kung Fu

There are three younger students in training clothes standing still in a demanding posture. Looks cool and tough, but how long have they been standing like this? Anyway, they seem to enjoy it. How can that be?

Then you see where the noise is coming from. Some other students stand as if sitting on horseback and are shouting “Her-it” whilst thrusting out powerful punches. Then they grip the fingers of their vibrating hands accompanied by a growling “Yaaa” sound. Does the trembling come from the internal force that you heard of? Certainly doesn’t look like they’re tensing their muscles. You definitely don’t want to be gripped by their tiger-like claws.

You notice a pair of students fighting each other. Their movements look so different from what you see in a boxing ring. It looks like they’re from a Kung Fu movie. Not the modern ones where they jump about and fly but those from the 1970s where they still used traditional techniques and animal styles. She moves so flowingly and elegantly. You can even hear the wind of his powerful punches, which she dodges and avoids, waiting for her chance to attack.

Then they freeze abruptly, as her foot stops a few centimeters away from his groin while her fingers can probably feel his eyelashes. They greet each other, hug smilingly and start chatting about what just happened.

You notice that everyone here is smiling gently all the time. They’re sweating, but everyone looks so calm and relaxed. Their eyes are sparkling and they are completely focused on their training.

Suddenly, one of the students notices and approaches you. He smiles and asks you to step away from the door.

“If Sifu sees that, he’d send you straight home. You’re not ready for this kind of training, but I’m happy to show you around.”

“Was that a crane kick that the young lady used on the strong guy?“, you ask. “And what were those shouting practicing?”

“You’ll find that out soon enough. But first you have to learn the basics. Sifu is very kind and he will show you everything you need to know. Follow his instructions as best as you can, young friend. Train diligently and we will cross arms when you’re accepted into the Chamber in a few months.”

What you will NOT find here:

Shaolin Kung Fu Leg Sweep

No boxing gloves, no fancy summersaults.
Just pure traditional Kung Fu.

The Two Pillars of Kung Fu Training

These two aspects are essential features of genuine Kung Fu practice.

They are both very rare today, but they represent the core features of this program.

Combat Application

Make your Kung Fu come alive! So you don't need to borrow techniques from anywhere else.

Internal Force

Discover the sought after internal training methods and cultivate your Qi in an effective and efficient way.

Here you’ll learn the secrets most Kung Fu students never learn in class.

Become a part of Shaolin’s legendary history and embark on a transformational journey!

As I can’t be with you every time you practice, I want you to become as independent as possible. With what you learn, you can build up your daily practice routine of 20-60 minutes to practice on your own. This is probably the most cost-effective way to train your whole being that you’ll find.

You will learn, understand and apply principles defined by some of the greatest masters of Shaolin’s glorious history.

“Once you have the map,

all roads become clear.”

This course is much more than “How to escape from an arm lock” (though we will cover that too).

You will learn according to the established syllabus of our worldwide school, Shaolin Wahnam, that represents the crystallization of the Shaolin teachings of 1,500 years and has been used successfully for decades. This is the first time this exclusive material is presented online.

Shaolin Wahnam Austria Logo

Finally a Kung Fu course that teaches you how to use Kung Fu!

You're now standing at the "Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu", which is a systematic and holistic 6-month program to lay your foundation with LEVEL 1 of our syllabus.

First you will learn all the bits and pieces to execute genuine Kung Fu form correctly. You will also improve your flexibility, clear up your mind, start building internal force and train your first applications. 

Contents taught in the "Entrance to the Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu" include:

  • Essential Fundamental Principles
  • Philosophical Understanding
  • and:

Basic Kung Fu Stances




The Art of Flexibility


Rare Skills and Training Methods from Qi Gong


Fundamental Meditation Skills


Typical Kung Fu Hand Forms


Genuine Kung Fu Techniques for Attack and Defence


Combat Application Drills


Once you've made it through LEVEL 1, you are ready to enter the "Chamber of Shaolin Kung Fu" where you can purchase further courses starting from LEVEL 2.

There you will progress from single application drills to dynamic combat sequence practice.

Gradually you will be able to use what you learnt naturally and spontaneously until you can eventually free spar using pure Kung Fu.

The 12 LEVELS of our syllabus include:

  • Kung Fu Sets
  • Further Hand Techniques and Applications
  • Kicks, Throws, Grips and Locks as well as their Defence
  • Combat Sequences (the secret link to develop your combat efficiency)
  • Tactics & Strategies for combat and successful living
  • Weapon Training (Shaolin Staff and Sabre)

So, to put it short, you'll learn all the aspects of holistic internal Shaolin Kung Fu as practiced by past masters.

How does it work?

New lessons, presented in short video clips, will be unlocked for you every week. A lot at the start, with phases of less new material later on, so you can consolidate what you learned before.

The length of the lessons ranges from 1 to 20 minutes with an average of 5 minutes and can be watched on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

The course consists of:

  • 190+ unique on-demand videos lessons with an overall length of 12+ hours
  • Weekly reading pleasure with selected articles

You’ll know what to do, what mistakes to avoid and how to check yourself when you practice on your own.

If any questions arise, you can ask them in the comments below the respective lessons. I’ll answer with my advice and you can benefit from other people’s questions too.

Online Course Responsiv

You’d like to learn the secrets and principles of past Shaolin masters and to excel in martial arts and your daily living?


This program is suitable for anyone from fresh beginners to martial arts enthusiasts willing to learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu from scratch.

“You should be healthy before learning to defend yourself”, but fitness in its Western sense is absolutely not necessary.

As this training is meant for adults only, you don’t need the flexibility of a child to start with. I myself started training Kung Fu at the age of 26. Many of my students started much later. The oldest student in our school commenced his training when he was over 80 years old!

Answer these questions to see if you meet the requirements for this course:

  • Are you ready to put in the effort to develop the rare and invaluable skills and benefits of the Shaolin arts?
  • Are you willing to train every day for 20-60 minutes – no exceptions, no excuses?
  • Are you willing to follow the instructions and to abide by the moral way of the 10 Shaolin Laws?

Then you may ask:


"Learning genuine Shaolin arts is better than changing stones to gold by touch."

So many Benefits!

By following this training program diligently, you can develop a lot of benefits like:

  • Combat Efficiency using genuine Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Holistic Health and Stress Reduction
  • Beaming Vitality
  • Powerful and agile Movement
  • A sense of Peacefulness and Calmness even in difficult situations
  • Increased Self-Confidence

 Possible side effects include:

  • Feeling happy for no apparent reason
  • Forgetting when you were last sick
  • Your friends being astonished by your positive changes

Don’t waste your time travelling to China just to find out that traditional Kung Fu can’t be found there anymore!

Save years of searching and practicing low-level arts in hopes of developing genuine skills one day.

In the past, people would have killed to learn what is offered in this course. All you have to do is to log in from wherever you are. It won’t get any more comfortable and accessible to learn from this rare and high-level teaching.

You don’t need to quit your job and practice many hours a day. You can better spend your extra time and energy with your loved ones, whilst getting farther than most martial artists will ever get.

Testimonials of happy Scholar-Warriors

Reinhard Barth, Kung Fu student

Sean Irwin

SEO Content Marketing Associate, Canada

The course totally transformed my practice. It’s breathed new life into my routine and I feel it erased my bad habits.

I’ll say again also what a wonderful course to build a foundation for correct practice .

So glad you and Sigung [Grandmaster Wong] made it happen!

If any would-be students are not sure whether it’s worth the money, I have to urge them - this course gets a 5 star review, and it’s worth every penny.

Online kungfu learning can sometimes be problematic and generate bad habits; this course completely avoided those pitfalls from my perspective.

Reinhard Barth, Kung Fu student

Reinhard Barth

Fleet Manager

I was always fascinated by Shaolin Kung Fu and found Sifu Leo's school through the internet.

I can’t even list how much this decision has enriched my life here. Physical ailments like back pain or problems with falling asleep were all gone after about a year of practice.

Back then, I was 25, fit and healthy, but I felt that it could be even better. Today, at 30, I’m really much more agile than before, physically as well as mentally.

Andrea Wieland-Sulzbacher, Kung Fu student

Andrea Wieland-Sulzbacher


The daily Kung Fu training is my daily “pleasure hour”. It is a lot of fun to learn new movement patterns that can even be used for self-defence.

I love the independence of practicing, the low effort and the calm fashion of the training.

Besides physical fitness, power and flexibility also concentration and mindfulness have increased. The effects of the training surpass all my previous experience in fitness centres.

Martha Maderthaner, Kung Fu student

Martha Maderthaner

Social Worker & Art Therapist

I was immediately enthralled of the Kung Fu training and now I see I could also develop a long-term love for it.

The training gave me strength and stability, even in trying times.

I’m still amazed of feeling so happy, relaxed and alert after Kung Fu practice, even after an exhausting day.

Michaela Schwarz, Kung Fu student

Michaela Schwarz

Senior Sales Administrator

Even after a short time, I have already noticed that my fitness has increased. I became inwardly well balanced, small mishaps didn't upset me at all. I felt more connected to myself the more the training went on.

It was wonderful to just start the videos at my preferred time and get going. One thing I didn't expect, I had no problems doing the workout despite my knee surgery

My personal high energy level was positively impacted in that I did not over- or under-perform through the day.

Just take the chance, move your daily life into a positive new direction, add a moving meditation to your everyday life! 😉

Jakob Enajat, Kung Fu student

Jakob Enajat


A wonderful art for finding balance and building up energy!

The training brought my body control, coordination, concentration and inner strength to top performance (It even got me away from smoking)! It has also directed my aggression into positive channels and led me to inner peace and satisfaction!

I have become more relaxed professionally and privately, because I have become physically and mentally stronger through continuous training!

I especially love the partner exercises and the small but nice details from Sifu!

Let me be your Guide to Health, Happiness und Combat-Efficiency!

Sifu Leo

I’m Sifu Leo from Austria and I found my purpose in helping people like you enjoy the training and benefits of martial arts in a fun and pain-free manner, just like tens of thousands of wonderful people in Shaolin Wahnam already do.

We practice not just because we enjoy our training, but to fulfill our mission of improving the world by spreading health and happiness to the world through the practice of the precious Shaolin arts.

I was quite engaged with all sorts of sports throughout most parts of my life, from kicking and throwing balls into goals or baskets to boarding on the streets and snowy hills. But one winter, I found myself at the edge of depression from too little activity and an unhealthy lifestyle. My back was in pain from too much time spent in front of the computer.

Despite thinking I was already too old, it was then I decided to try out something I was always fascinated with but never took on. Kung Fu seemed the perfect fit to train movement along with meditation and this assumption turned out to be true. :)

The Kung Fu practice truly changed my life for the better, especially after I met my second and current Sifu (master), Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, at a Qi Gong course in Austria during his travels around the world. With every additional course, Sifu led me deeper into the inner teachings of martial arts and Qi Gong. I’ve seen and experienced things that I wouldn’t have thought possible before.

Sifu Leo & Grandmaster Wong

Although it was intended I take over my first school as a successor one day, I resigned from teaching as assistant in 2013 and handed over my duties of managing the office and leading the show team.

With Sifu’s approval, I founded Shaolin Wahnam Wien (Vienna) and have since helped hundreds of students to improve their lives with their Shaolin practice.

When I’m not training, teaching, playing the drums, building LEGOs with my son or out with my family, I still spend a lot of time on the computer, spreading the knowledge I was bestowed with. But now I know how to balance out with my enjoyable and healthy practice.

And so can you! I’m happy to guide you on your Shaolin journey.



You’ll get access to the exclusive “Shaolin Tea Room”, our online community. Use the chance to ask questions, share your experience and connect with other students in the “Find a Buddy Section” to find sparring partners.

Shaolin Kung Fu Sparring
In-person seminars


As a member you’ll get special offers on my in-person seminars on the basic program, where you can get the finishing touch and have fun sparring with other people of your level.


When I launch further online courses, you’ll be among the first to know and benefit, even during an early-access phase.

Online Courses
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


And you will become part of the loving worldwide Shaolin Wahnam family, led by my Sifu, grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, a Kung Fu genius and incredibly generous teacher.

By the way, I don't regard answering your emails a bonus.

Because as a Sifu it's just natural to me to be there for my students. :)

What do you need?

Continuous effort. Perseverance. Morality and an open heart.

Remember! Kung Fu is a set of skills developed through continuous practice. You should schedule a daily time of 20 to 60 minutes to progress. It will be the best and most rewarding time investment you ever made.


“Kung Fu can be practiced in the space where a buffalo lies.” That means, you can adjust the exercises to fit even into a small apartment. For partner practice a space of about 5 by 2 meters or more would be preferential.


What to wear?

You won’t be ordained to become a monk or a nun, so you don’t need to buy a robe. I don’t have one either. Just wear clothes that don’t restrict your movements and shoes with flat soles that prevent you from slipping, especially when training outside.


NOTICE! The training provided is not suitable for children and during pregnancy.

Start your Shaolin journey today!

Never wait until you have time!

This may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

You can do that and become a Scholar-Warrior!

I'll be at your side to help you become a better, stronger and healthier person day by day like I've done for so many people.

Imagine yourself being more powerful and agile, relaxed and resilient to stress, paired with a strong and clear mind in half a year!

Choose your plan now and get access to your first lessons immediately.

25 Day Money Back Guarantee


Both plans come with 25 days satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied (or too impatient to wait for the really cool stuff), you can ask for a full refund by email within the first 25 days after purchase.

Pay Monthly

€ 97

6 payments

  • 6 months of guided training
  • Weekly new video lessons
  • Access to the Community
  • Life-long Access
  • 25 days Money Back Guarantee

Payment available via

payment methods 1



€ 490

save 16% to monthly plan

  • 6 months of guided training
  • Weekly new video lessons
  • Access to the Community
  • Life-long Access
  • 25 days Money Back Guarantee

Payment available via

payment methods 2


Training with Shaolin Wahnam is serious fun.